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  • Salsa Mexican Grill

    Salsa Mexican Grill

    Wine Bar Midrand (Gauteng) November 21, 2016

    Salsa is not your traditional Mexican Grill. Sure, we offer authentic Mexican recipes. And yes, we use traditional cooking methods. In fact, we traveled all the way to the West Coast of the USA to master them and bring them back to South Africa! But,...

  • Designs By Lawrence

    Designs By Lawrence

    jewellers Midrand (Gauteng) November 21, 2016

    Designs By Lawrence is backed by a rich history in the jewellery trade. The earliest recollection dates back to 1889 where Joseph Steinfeld opened up his jewellery business in Belgium. His vision was to manufacture fine pieces of jewellery that could...

  • Cellular Mall

    Cellular Mall

    Accessories Midrand (Gauteng) November 11, 2016

    Cellularmall.co.za is South Africa’s 1st dedicated online cellular accessories store. We stock leading international brands of cellular accessories across a broad range of devices. We strive to offer our customers a convenient, hassle free shop...

  • Gauteng Hot Deals

    Gauteng Hot Deals

    Mobile Shop Midrand (Gauteng) October 4, 2016

    Guaranteed to bust any cellular price . We are the cheapest retail and wholesale merchant in South Africa . Stockist of Samsung , Apple , Huawei , LG , Nokia , Sony and Blackberry devices.

  • Rectron South Africa

    Rectron South Africa

    Shopping Centre Midrand (Gauteng) July 29, 2016

    We aspire to be one of the world's greatest IT distribution companies through the partnerships we have with our vendors, customers and our employees.

  • ChinChillers Coffee and Bake

    ChinChillers Coffee and Bake

    Cafe Midrand (Gauteng) July 11, 2016

    ChinChillers is a new and trendy chill spot for the business class and young trendy adults who enjoy coffee and delicious in house baked goods

  • The Coffee Exchange Coffee Shop

    The Coffee Exchange Coffee Shop

    Cafe Midrand (Gauteng) June 14, 2016

    We carry Barista Espresso and we are proud of it! Not only do we believe that they have the highest quality beans but we also stand behind their values. All beans are 100% fair trade, certified organic, and guaranteed fresh.

  • Mugg&Bean GreenStone Cafe

    Mugg&Bean GreenStone Cafe

    Cafe Midrand (Gauteng) June 8, 2016

    n the early 1990s, Ben Filmalter and his wife Judi were in Chicago when they discovered a little coffee shop on the South Side. Its remarkably friendly and generous feel drew the couple to lingering on to take in its atmosphere. When they returned, t...

  • HemingwaysJozi Fine Dining Restaurant · Cafe

    HemingwaysJozi Fine Dining Restaurant · Cafe

    Cafe Midrand (Gauteng) June 7, 2016

     The story of Café Hemingway’s is, in many ways, only just being written but it is a story that has all the makings of an epic tale.  It begins with a little coffee shop that is about to close down just a few days before Christ...

  • Sophiatown Bar Lounge

    Sophiatown Bar Lounge

    Night Club Midrand (Gauteng) May 20, 2016

    Sophiatown Bar Lounge is inspired by the multicultural suburb of Sophiatown that was the melting pot for South African culture in the 1940s and 1950s.  We've created a place for you to sit back and relax with African chic infused with internatio...

  • Keg & Beagle @KegBeagle

    Keg & Beagle @KegBeagle

    Night Club Midrand (Gauteng) May 19, 2016

    Here at the KEG, you can spend a 'lifetime' just tasting and experiencing all that we have to offer you. Starting with our 'Good Food' menu selection that will satisfy your desires without testing the limitations of your wallet. Just keep a watchful ...

  • Yamada Sushi Sushi Restaurant

    Yamada Sushi Sushi Restaurant

    Restaurants Midrand (Gauteng) March 14, 2016

     We pride ourselves in using the freshest ingredients to deliver a sushi experience that is comparable to none. With two restaurants located in relaxed family freindly venues in Johannesburg (Sandton's Rivonia square, and the Bluebird shopping c...

  • Edamini BRAAI Lounge Bar & Grill

    Edamini BRAAI Lounge Bar & Grill

    Restaurants Midrand (Gauteng) March 9, 2016

    Edamini braai lounge is vibrantly known for its matured and cultural shisanyama spirit that brings back theSouth African braai culture into a nightly urban environment, unlike most shisanyama’s ,with a raw look that booms with a spontaneous pan...

  • HemingwaysJozi Cafe · Fine Dining Restaurant

    HemingwaysJozi Cafe · Fine Dining Restaurant

    Restaurants Midrand (Gauteng) March 8, 2016

    Café Hemingway’s is, in many ways, only just being written but it is a story that has all the makings of an epic tale.  It begins with a little coffee shop that is about to close down just a few days before Christmas. 

  • Imbizo Shisanyama Restaurant

    Imbizo Shisanyama Restaurant

    Restaurants Midrand (Gauteng) March 8, 2016

    The secret to the restaurant’s success is found in the deep understanding of African culture and heritage. Over the years patrons have become part of the Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner family and their high brand ownership has seen the restauran...

  • Vericon Outsourcing

    Vericon Outsourcing

    Outsourcing Midrand (Gauteng) February 25, 2016

    Business consultants, also known as management analysts, work in areas that include marketing, human resources, management, and accounting. Consultants help improve companies by assessing weaknesses and recommending solutions.

  • Veridical Light

    Veridical Light

    Light Fittings Midrand (Gauteng) February 25, 2016

    Topical application of magnesium is the ideal delivery system because it offers the opportunity to get dosages up to the powerful therapeutic range without intestinal discomfort.

  • Versalec cables

    Versalec cables

    Electronics & Appliances Midrand (Gauteng) February 20, 2016

    Versalec Cables Pty Ltd is one of the leading cable distribution companies in South Africa. The company was founded as a stand alone specialist company in 1985Versalec customers mainly consist of a select group of electrical contractors andconsulting...

  • The Business School at Varsity College

    The Business School at Varsity College

    Training & Development Course Midrand (Gauteng) April 17, 2015

    Overview:The Business School at Varsity College offers ambitious working adults the opportunity to build on their skills with convenient part-time study. You can choose from a variety of world class programmes, that won’t impact on your work ho...

  • Kid-ease Montessori Supplies

    Kid-ease Montessori Supplies

    Educational Products Midrand (Gauteng) April 17, 2015

    Overview:Kid-ease has now launched the world’s leading brand of Authentic Replicas, Safari Ltd, which are of museum quality, hand-painted and lead-free. The main product line, is Safari’s TOOB sets, which are beautifully packaged in relev...

  • Montessori Supplier

    Montessori Supplier

    Educational Products Midrand (Gauteng) April 16, 2015

    Overview:Montessori Supplier is the sole distributor of genuine montessori education material produced by by Gibsagarredi, in SouthAfrica.All materials are imported directly from Italy and conform to the highest standards and specifications, as laid ...

  • C.W.V Repairs

    C.W.V Repairs

    Appliances Repairs Midrand (Gauteng) April 16, 2015

    Over View: C.W.V Repairs does Repairs of all Appliances reliably fast and efficiently.  

  • Russell Appliances

    Russell Appliances

    Appliances Repairs Midrand (Gauteng) April 16, 2015

    Over View: All Russell Appliances technicians have at least 5 years experience and are well trained and suitably qualified. We service the entire Gauteng province and also Delmas. Russell Appliances repair, service and maintain the following: Any dom...

  • Heritage Chickens

    Heritage Chickens

    Chicken Supply Midrand (Gauteng) April 14, 2015

    Over View: Welcome to Heritage Chickens, proud breeders of select heritage breeds of outstanding quality. We currently breed and supply Orpingtons and Potch Koekoek.   Our chickens are bred and sold for gardens eggs, pet chickens and to people w...

  • Midrand Conference Centre

    Midrand Conference Centre

    Conference Venue Midrand (Gauteng) April 11, 2015

    Over View: Represent your business in the best possible light with our top class, conference venues in the heart of Midrand. Your customers, staff and partners will be thankful for the convenience and blown away by the professionalism with which your...

  • Solum Civils (Pty)Ltd

    Solum Civils (Pty)Ltd

    Consulting Engineering Company Midrand (Gauteng) April 9, 2015

    Overview:Civil Construction Company who has successfully operated for many years. We specialise in Roads, Stormwater, Water, Sewer, Pumpstations etc

  • Piza-e-Vino Midrand - Carlswald Décor Centre

    Piza-e-Vino Midrand - Carlswald Décor Centre

    Restaurants Midrand (Gauteng) April 8, 2015

    Overview:We have a love for simple fresh food cooked in a traditional way using authentic methods with a twist. Piza-e-Vino’s food is rigorously Italian healthy and creative and through this simplicity we believe that a winning formula has been...

  • TCR Security

    TCR Security

    Security Gates Midrand (Gauteng) April 7, 2015

    Over View: A clear market gap has been identified in the access and security automation industry. We feel (as do many surveyed customers) that the large dominant companies in the industry charge too much and get away with unacceptable levels of custo...

  • XBC Group

    XBC Group

    Communication Midrand (Gauteng) April 6, 2015

    Over View: The XBC Group of Companies, founded in 1998, comprises of XBC Network Products (Pty) Ltd and XBC Communications (Pty) Ltd specializing in providing leading edge Data, Voice, Wireless and Video Solutions to the South African Market. We prov...

  • Yebo Moto Zone

    Yebo Moto Zone

    Vehicle Parts Midrand (Gauteng) April 3, 2015

    Over View: Used Auto Parts Store in South Africa